Buck and Bay Vintage has a large high quality collection including rare 1950's Barrie Flyers cards, a selection of vintage autographed cards including Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Mitch Marner, and more. 

Rookie cards from 50's through 80's and large selection of 2006-2017 UD Young Guns, and Shirriff hockey coins from the 1960s are available. 

Also on hand are odd ball hockey collectibles such as early 1900's team pictures, hockey records, fan club items, vintage magazines and programs, beehives, pucks, Export A Leafs calendars, the 1948-52 "The Hockey News", and Molson Stanley Cup Rings. 

For those looking to complete any 1970's OPC sets there is a large selection of single cards, as well as a $1 "everything" box and $2 Stars and subsets box.

Buck and Bay Vintage is open to trading for vintage items, looking to buy vintage OPC, Parkhurst, and Tobacco cards, and vintage oddball hockey items such as programs, Shirriff Coins, vintage sports and tobacco advertising posters, Rookie cards and Upper Deck Young Guns, Autographed items, and more. 
Buck and Bay Vintage is always looking for vintage Owen Sound Greys and Owen Sound Mercurys items such as cards, pucks, programs, etc.
Visit Buck and Bay Vintage at a Doug Laurie Sports Cards, Comics, and Collectibles show or directly at buckandbay@sympatico.ca